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12 Key Elements to live in harmony

If we define the art of living as a life in harmony with ourselves and our world, we can follow a few simple principles to achieve the good life. Here they are:

1 Act on what is under our control. To achieve freedom and happiness, let us just be concerned…

Michel Rayot

An unlikely story

The strangeness of Stoics runs through their history as a connecting thread. The early Stoic leaders (scholarchs) were from Athens and they included a wealthy businessman, Zeno, (the founder of Stoicism), a poverty-stricken professional boxer, Cleanthes, and a brilliant long-distance runner, Chrysippus.

The later proponents of Stoicism…

this story is available now in french :

Of late, I have been spending a lot of time translating Stoic books from English to French. My wife, who doesn’t know any philosophy, was curious. …

photo Michel Rayot

Les éléments clés pour vivre en harmonie

Si nous définissons l’art de vivre comme une vie en harmonie avec nous-mêmes et notre monde, nous pouvons suivre quelques principes simples pour atteindre la Vie Bonne.

1 Agir sur ce que nous contrôlons. Pour atteindre la liberté et le bonheur, préoccupons simplement de ce que nous contrôlons totalement …

photo Michel Rayot

link for english :

Mon épouse me demanda un jour :

« Tu traduis les livres d’un auteur stoïcien, Chuck Chakrapani, pourrais-tu m’écrire un manuel de « philosophie comme art de vivre », le plus concis possible, pour moi qui ne suis pas attirée par la lecture et l’étude de…

Photo Michel Rayot

Une histoire singulière

Le fil conducteur de l’histoire des stoïciens se définit par sa singularité. Parmi les premiers maîtres d’Athènes figurent : un riche négociant, Zénon , le fondateur du Stoïcisme, un boxeur professionnel miséreux, Cléanthe, ainsi qu’un excellent coureur de longue distance, Chrysippe.

Leurs successeurs comptent dans leurs rangs…

Of late, I have been spending a lot of time translating Stoic books from English to French. My wife, who doesn’t know any philosophy, was curious. …

Very interesting article. I can complete it in giving the information that Chuck Chakrapani wrote a new rendering of the Enchiridion in plain english that is available on the stoicgym website with the link I gave on the following article :

Lately I did a french translation of the Handbook in plain english for the author Chuck Chakrapani and wrote a summary of the most important and still actual precepts of this beautiful book (according to me...).

For the people interested in stoicism they can learn the whole history for free, downloading "a fortunate storm " on the same website. I am preparing the french version of this book at the moment.

Very interesting article about Epitectus. As I did the french translation of the book written by Chuck Chakrapani : a new rendering of the Enchiridion I tried to do a summary of it with the most important and still valid precepts, according to me :The Good Life: 27 Essential Precept, that I published on Medium with the help of Chuck Chakrapani. I am translating now a fortunate storm that explains the story of the main early stoics. Congratulation again. All the best

Whereas confined in France, I have more time to live in a peaceful mode, do some yoga each morning, spend one hour in a forest that is 4 mn walk from my home, to contemplate beautiful trees as I begin with Shinrin Yoku one year ago.

I also have more…

Michel Rayot

French, retired of french outdoor industry, past president of Lake Annecy DMO. Now translates in French, books about Stoicism. Member since 2015

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